Anna Freud's National Centre for Children and Families (AFNCCF)


Span is aware of the impact the built environment can have on both physical and mental health. The trustees of Span Trust intend to maximise the charity’s grants to have the most impact with the best possible outcomes for beneficiaries.

Mental health is an urgent problem, with 1 in 4 young people in the UK being diagnosed with some form of mental illness. This can enormously impact the rest of a young person’s life and their family’s life.

Anna Freud’s new Centre for Excellence in Kings Cross aims to transform the fragmented mental health sector into a coherent, national learning collaboration.

Span Trust are thrilled to offer funding to the overall signage on the campus; essential for navigation and providing enhanced way finding such as braille signage.

Testimonial from Jenny Rickets – Head of Fundraising Jenny Rickets

“I am writing to express my sincere thanks to The Span Trust for your generous donation towards the Kantor Centre of Excellence campus. The campus brings together under one roof, for the first time, the best people and organisations in mental health care alongside children and their families to transform children’s mental health care. I know that everyone at the Centre is delighted that The Span Trust shares our commitment to improving the resilience and well being of young people and families. I would also like to extend my thanks to you for organising this donation and ensuring the Trust could play a part in this ground-breaking project.”