Span Trust Projects to Date


National Theatre

Design is at the core of Span Group’s work and Span Trust, the charitable arm, are keen to support projects that encourage the arts and education for young people.

The trust is very happy to continue…


St Mary's Youth Club

There is a knife crime crisis in the UK, with incident reports rising since last year.

Span Trust are very pleased to keep supporting the local community efforts of St Mary’s Youth Club who improve…


Ezra Umarpeh

With the intention to alleviate disability and relieve the charitable needs of individuals and their carers, Span Trust are delighted to offer continued support to Ezra Umarpeh, the patient support…


Earnest Tutors

Every Saturday, Span Trust welcomes GCSE students from local schools in London's Camden and Islington Boroughs to access free, private tutoring lessons.

As a trust, we believe in the power of…


Anna Freud's National Centre for Children and Families (AFNCCF)

Span is aware of the impact the built environment can have on both physical and mental health. The trustees of Span Trust intend to maximise the charity’s grants to have the most impact with the best…


Camden Giving

Span Trust are conscious of our role as Founders to support future generations and the change needed to advance and improve their lives. When the opportunity arose to support Camden Giving’s Future…