14-16 Betterton Street, London

This property was purchased in 2006 as a long-term investment and development opportunity.

The property comprises of an existing building with commercial and retail units split over four storeys, all of which are fully tenanted with a total floor area of 10,180 sq ft of commercial office and retail space.

This long term investment in Covent Garden looks to convert an existing building from office space into 4-5 high end apartments and a ground floor gallery space. This includes the internal remodelling of the spaces along with a two storey extension onto the existing flat roof. The scheme has been designed in collaboration with a number of skilled and creative professionals led by Stanton Williams Architects.

We are progressing well with the design development stage of the scheme, led by Buckley Gray Yeoman Architects and are targeting to begin works to the property towards the end of 2019.


Mixed use


2000-5000 sq ft Residential
5000-10000 sq ft Commercial


Under Development